Avanzi Popolo 2.0



associazionismo | association

Project typology

servizi per evitare la creazione di rifiuti alimentari | services to avoid food waste creation

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


sociale | social


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

regione | region


"Avanzi Popolo 2.0 works on the constructionof a community that adopts virtuous and sustainable food behaviour in daily life. The project is focused on three branches of activity: 1. The collection and redistribution of food for social issues, through the involvement of different charity organizations acting in the territory. 2. A foodsharing service provided on the online platform www.avanzipopolo.it, that is the first of its kind in Puglia. Food is offered and collected for free between the users, constructing practices of collaborative economy. 3. The realisation of sensitizing initiatives, events and trainings for beating the food wastiing and educating to nutrition and responsible consumption."


food collection food sharing food education


"Avanzi Popolo was born as an experiment. The good results brought the four friends that initiated it to create an association for social promotion (Farina 080) that has the mission to contrast any form of food wasting."


The peculiarty of the initiative lays in bringing together three different fields of action in one unique entity.


waste reduction, food accessibility, collaborative economy, sensitization

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