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"In 2009, the City Council express the willingness to explore its role in the local food system for the first time; the next year, local food actors have been involved into a participatory design process and a first report has been published; in 2011, the commitment of the Calgary Food Committee to realize a plan of action is defined and in May 2012 the plan is published. The same plan contains the assessment of the present situation, that proceeds from a ""scan"" of the food stakeholders and their objectives. It follows a ""quantitative evaluation"" of the possibilities to foster the local procurement, extend the organic agriculture and secure accessible and healty foods. The last phase consists in a GAP analysis of the distances between the present situation and the common vision. The actions are developed around 7 guiding principles (environmentally sustainable; accessible; healthy; communitarian; local and secure) and around 7 action areaS: regolamentation; planning; transportation; environment; economic development; communitarian programs and educative programs. In 2014 it is published the first monitoring report: the Calgary Eats! Progress Report, where the indicators individuated in the plan are re-defined, re-measured and re-discussed."


"The plan is realised for the City of Calgary by the Calgary Food Committee, thanking to the consultancy of SERECON Management Consulting Inc. The whole operation is financed by the Calgary Fundation."


The common development of the food system action plan and the assessment results in its efficiency! Even the monitoring report seems promising; even if it seems it has not been re-edited in the very past years.

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