Cucina Nostra



associazionismo | association

Project typology

creazione di rete | networking

Area of action

trasformazione prodotti | product transformation


economico | economic


soggetti in cerca di occupazione | unemployed people

Reference scale

città | city


Cucina Nostra association has the objective to create employment through an innovative way to make food buisnesses. The project was born to accompain and sustain unemployed workers, housewifes, young people and people that simply wants to find a new work, in realizing a project of domestic microenterprise for the production and sell of artisanal home prepared food, valorizing cooking skills and methods in the respect of hygiene regulations. The innovation of the project lays in the adoption of a new legal form of enterprise, thanking to the European Regulation CE 852/2004, that permit domestic production. The association advocates for the approval of such activities by institutions and for the full adoption of the regulation, in a context that is still conservative and reluctant to change. The services provided are: information, orientation, advocacing, credit access, training, advertising. The project offers a concrete possibility to start a new buisness, with attention to the sustainability of the project.


domestic foor microenterprise


The association is funded by Mary Rimola, a food blogger that gained experience and knowledge on the field. The headquarter is in Vercelli, but the association acts in all italian regions.


The association defends the right to produce food in your house kitchen and sell it, by respecting the law.


employment, institutional innovation

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