associazionismo | association

Project typology

creazione di rete | networking

Area of action

catering/ristorazione/bar innovativo | innovative food services


ambientale | environmental


ristoratori | restaurants

Reference scale

nazionale | national


"The Ecorestaurants network is a national initiative to put together the restaurants that are managed with attention to environmental care and waste reduction. The project was born on the territory of the Covar 14 waste consortium (19 municipalities in the south-west of Turin, an area that counts 260 000 inhabitants), in the frameworks the the ""european Week for Waste Reduction 2012"", thanking to the support od ERICA Cooperative. To be part of the netword, the structure must not only guarantee the possibility to take away the left overs and be equipped with re-usable tableware, but also: activate a compost, distribute sink water and beverages from returnable containers, add the ""half portion"" and the ""children portion"" to the menu, buy draft products for the cleaning and communicate the project at the restaurant. Today the networks has embraced other territories, as the CIDIU group and ACSEL Spa, counting around 100 restaurants in 80 municipalities."




The initiative is promoted by the ERICA cooperative, committed to the themes of waste management, risks prevention, water cycles, organic agriculture and environmental sustainability. In 2008, ERICA promoted the pilot edition od The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) and from 2010 it is part of the EWWR national promoting commission.


waste reduction, sensitization, strenghtening local communities

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