associazionismo | association

Project typology

ridistribuzione caritatevole | charitable redistribution

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


sociale | social


soggetti a rischio esclusione sociale | subjects at risk of social exclusion

Reference scale

europea | european


"Equoevento Onlus offers a precious service to whom organizes events, collecting food left overs from any private or public manifestation that applies for it. The initiative is funded in Rome, but is now diffused to all the Lazio region, Lombardia region, Turin, Lecce and even Paris. The way it works it simple: a picking up hour is defined and some voulonteer will transport the food with an authorized van directly to a charity association. Considering that food overproduction in an event corresponds, in avarage, to the 30% of the food prepared, we can see the positive impact that the diffused adoption of this practice could have."


food collection charity supportive deliveries


The Onlus is funded in 2013 by 5 young professionals and counts on the support of donators and volounteers.


waste reduction, food accessibility, social service

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