Food for Soul



associazionismo | association

Project typology

attività innovativa | innovative activity

Area of action

catering/ristorazione/bar innovativo | innovative food services


sociale | social


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

globale | global


"Food for Soul is not a charity project: it is a cultural one. Besides providing nutritious food, it gives the opportunity to share meals, an inclusive action. The team promotes to private and public organisation the creation of community canteens around the world, involving professionals from different backgrounds as chefs, artisans, distributors, artists and designers. Quality ingredients are collected before they are wasted away and are cooked in complete, nutrients and healthy meals. The association has been presented by Massimo Bottura in April 2016; the next month the first canteen has opened in Bologna. In August it has been opened the ""Refettorio Gastromotiva"" in Rio de Janeiro, as a collateral event to the Olimpic Games, to recover the food wasted by the event. Social Tables have been settled in Modena and in 2017 it has been opened a canteen in London. Berlin and Los Angeles are the ongoing projects. "


community canteens meal sharing


Food for Soul started from the Refettorio Ambrosiano project, created in Milan by Massimo Bottura as a response to the Expo2015 theme: "nourish the planet".


The internationality and the involvement of professionals from different sectors, united around food, are the peculiarities of this project.


waste reduction, social inclusion, strenghtening local communities

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