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"Between 2006 and 2010, the New York City Council proposed many initiatives around food, as: agricultural markets promotion, stricter legislation on food quality, free lunch tickets, guides, etc. In 2010 the Food Works! plan is launched, coordinating all those actions (and more) in a common strategic framework. The plan is built around 5 phases of the food system and for each of them, after a general analitical descriprion, some goals are listed and actions are defined. In 2011 it is approved the Local Law n.52, that declares the necessity of regular reports on the urban and extraurban food system state, listing the necessary measures. This gave birth to the annual reports: Food Metrics. The last update of the plan has been released in 2013, with a structure that is similar to the previous one and commenting on the results and the difficulties fronted by the plan."


The plan is realised by the New York City Council.


The distinguish element of New York's strategy is the adoption of the Local Law 52 that demands to the administration the publishing of a yearly report of the Food System state. The report must measure the indicators that have been defined in the plan.

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