Fruit in the morning



amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Project typology

sensibilizzazione attiva | active sensitization

Area of action

dieta e salute | diet and health


sociale | social


bambini | children

Reference scale

città | city


"The project ""Fruit in the morning"" proposes, to all the primary schools of Milan, to volountarily (with at least 50% of the classes) replace the snacks bought by the families for the break time in school by serving the fruit/desert of the lunch. The operation stimulates the adoption of a correct diet and the reduction of the canteens's food wastes; moreover it permits a modest saving in money and time for the families. At the end of 2016 we count 67 schools, 883 classes adn 19 264 students taking part to the project."


fruit snack school


Milano Ristorazione, that has realized the project, is the Company S.p.a. of the Municipality of Milan that manages the public school canteens.


sensitization, waste reduction

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