Fruta Feja



cooperativa sociale | social cooperative

Project typology

attività innovativa | innovative activity

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


economico | economic


agricoltori | farmers

Reference scale

nazionale | national


"Fruta Feia means Ugly Food. It is a cooperative that consider that all quality fruits and vegetables should be marketed equally, regardless of their size, colour and shape. Fruta Feia co-Op first delivery point was launched on November 2013 at Intendente in Lisbon, wich followed a second delivery point also in Lisbon on April 2014 and a third in Parede on April 2015. May 2016, Fruta Feia arrives to the North side, with deliveries in Gaia, Oporto and Mastosinhos. In July 2017 it was launched the 5th delivery point in the Lisbon region, this time in Telheiras neighbourhood. 137 producers have been gathered from the national territory to be part of the project. The 3500 onsumers pay an annual fee of 5 euros and can choose, weekly, between a small or a big box of ugly food."


unsold recovery cooperative


waste reduction, sensitization, new economy, food access

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