Frutta Urbana.



associazionismo | association

Project typology

sensibilizzazione attiva | active sensitization

Area of action

agricoltura urbana | urban agriculture


ambientale | environmental


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

città | city


"The project arise from the assumption that in the city fruit grows abundantly, creating a sort of diffused orchard, that is neglected and forgotten. Moving from this motivations, the initiative foreseens to map existents fruit trees in the city parks and gardens. What is collected is distributed for free to food banks and social canteens. Another important part of the project is the creation of new orchards, to contrinute and enrich with new proposals and functions the urban public space; in parallel, activities, events courses and workshops are organised. the project was born in Rome, but it is now diffused even in Milan."


urban orchard mapping re-distributing


Created and managed by the no profit association Linaria, the project is sustained mainly by private donations.


urban environment, strenghtening local communities, environmental education

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