Giardini Condivisi



amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Project typology

concessione spazi verdi | green areas concession

Area of action

agricoltura urbana | urban agriculture


sociale | social


associazioni locali | local associations

Reference scale

città | city


"The project ""Giardini Condivisi"" represents an innovative way to recover and manage abandoned public areas that are given back to public use by collective action. In the interested areas, gardening and agricultural activities are developed by intergenerational groups. Beside the regeneration of the space, the project has other objectives: collective design and mutual help contributes to the strenghtening of social bonds. The Zonal Committees of Milan are in charge of listing the areas and publish the possibility of intervention. Projects can be proposed even in underutilized portions of the territory. The administration helds all necessary expenses to make the project real, through the funds for extraordinary management of green spaces. The elimination of invasive species, the preparation of the soil and the cleaning from eventual waste, as well as the water connections and all other preliminatory interventions won't be asked to the citizens, but are provided by the City. Even the maintainance of trees (as for pruning) and the rats and mosquitos tratments are guaranteed."


community gardens


The project is promoted by the Municipality of Milan and it is started together with the Deparment of Public Property, that individuates and concedes the spaces to local associations.


It has to be underlined that the project is part of the municipal management strategy of green areas and that specific economical resources are provided to help the realization of the gardening projects.


Green Spaces regeneration, strenghtening local communities, urban environment improvement

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