Greater Philadelphia Food System Study.



amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Reference scale

area metropolitana | metropolitan area


"The study purpose is to study comprehensively the metropolitan food system. The procurement's basin considered is the administration area of the DVRPC, while a 100 miles circle is considered to represent the theoretical production area of the regional food system. The study is developed from 5 themes: agricultural resources, distribution system, food economy and food system stakeholders. Both quantitative and qualitative information is given, covering a multiplicity of dimensions: from the historical to the morphological and geological; from the changes on land uses to the agricultural census; from import and export paths to local distribution; from the relation between expenditure's power and consumption to the connections between food and health."


descriptive comprehensive study thematized data collection


The study is realized by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), with the involvement of different competences.

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