Guide pratique Cantines Durables



amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Project typology

formazione | training

Area of action

catering/ristorazione/bar innovativo | innovative food services


ambientale | environmental


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

città | city


"This guide is addressed to the canteens and restaurants of the ""collectivités"", that are the local institutions. It is divided in three parts: - an informative part on sustainable eating, discussed around twelve axes. - some practical schedules to help structuring its project and making it durable. It is descripted who and how should act towards a participative management of the project around a plan of action. These schedules contains a lot of usefull advices, in different forms. - a collection of recepies adapted to collective restaurants and to the different needs in terms of budget and target. Other resources organisation tools and texts are quoted as reference, as well as many good practices and the experiences of similar realities. The guide is addressed to anyone that is implicated in a collective kitchen, from the cookers to the waiters and the procurement responsibles, directors, etc."


guide/manual public catering


The guide is realized by simplyfood (a conseling team in sustainable nutrition) for the environmental department of Bruxelles, with the economic participation of the Wallonie Region.


waste reduction, sensitization, improved use of resources

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Guida molto interessante! Bisognerebbe replicare l'iniziativa anche in Italia. A chi si potrebbe rivolgersi? 3 years ago