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amministrazione pubblica | public administration

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area metropolitana | metropolitan area


"The strategy has been created with the general objective to ""ensure London has a food system that is consistent with the Mayor's objective that London should be a world-class, sustainable city"". The themes that represent the strategic framework of the plan are: health, environment, culture and society, economy and food security. The food system is divided in 8 phases and for each of them an analysis of the present state is conducted and the actions to implement are individuated. Finally, ""key actions"" to be adopted with high priority are defined in order to address: commercial vibrancy, regional links, waste reduction, healthy schools, citizens engagement and levering the power of procurement. In 2007, an implementation plan is published, where the subjects responsible for implementing the actions are individuated, with the relative budget. Now that the 10 years foreseen for the implementation passed, it has not been released any update or reproposition of the strategy, even if we can find specific projects for different challenges; from urban agriculture to nutrition in school. Moreover, it is not available any monitoring/evaluating document for the overall strategy. By the way, the restoration of the London Food Board (May 2017) with a four year commitment, announces upcoming news. The total budget for the strategy implementation was counting 3,5 millions of Pounds."


The plan is developed by the London Food Board (a public organ instituted in 2004) with the financial support of the London Development Agency (a body of the Greater London Authority that nowadays have been reintegrated in the GLA) and the Mayor of London.


The London Strategy inaugurates somehow the adoption of Food Strategies in the European continent.

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