How Food Secure is Vancouver in a Changing World?



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"The main objectives of the study are to assess food systems strengths and vulnerabilities through indicators, to create cooperation of food actors throguh the dissemination of the information and to highlight priorities for policy action. A complex and articulated matrix is the established framework adopted for understanding and measuring food security in Vancouver, thanks to the association of metrics and indicators to the different categories that describe Food Secutiry. Many indicators have been deduced from already existing data; others have been identified after individual interviews and specific collaborations with community, nonproft, and government agencies. The result is a baseline state of Vancouver’s food security; key gaps in the information are identifed, as well as important indicators that require further research and data development. Finally, the following themes are discussed: a vision for a food secure Vancouver, a list of potential topics for future research, strategic priorities and specifc policy and economic levers to increase food security and food system resilience."


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The assessment is realized by the Vancouver Food Policy Council (VFPC), with both private and public funding.

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