Io mangio tutto. No al Cibo Spazzatura.




Project typology

programma educativo | educative program

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


sociale | social


bambini | children

Reference scale

nazionale | national


"Through game you can learn to waste less food and respect more who suffers from hunger. This is what proposes the activity ""Io mangio tutto. No al cibo spazzatura."" (I eat everything. No to waste food.) for the school, that wants to bring children reflecting upon the food question: ""How much food is wasted in the school canteen? Do you know that a damaged fruit can be tastier than a perfect looking one? Is it sustainable to eat strawbarries at Christmas' dinner?"". Biological, Local, Seasonal: even those concepts are boosted by the program. The training is addressed to children from 3 to 11 years old and it is organized in a module with many activities to run over the year. The teacher receives: A guide on food waste and sustainable food systems. A poster that collects childrens' pictures and writings on food waste. The activity schedules."


educative package


The initiative is promoted by ActionAid, an independent international organisation committed to eradicate hunger, poverty and social exclusion in Italy and in the Global South.


higher awareness on food

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