Laguna Libre



imprenditoria privata | private enterprise

Project typology

attività innovativa | innovative activity

Area of action

catering/ristorazione/bar innovativo | innovative food services


sociale | social


consumatori attivi | active consumers

Reference scale

quartiere | neighborhood


"Laguna Libre is a meeting place for people, cultures, art, music and food traditions; it works as a generator and incubator of ideas for new collaborative projects driven by the ideal of a multicultural, sustainable and just society. The restaurant is located in an old renovated wharehouse in the historical centre at the forefront of ecologiccally building techniques. The rich agenda of events proposed by Laguna Libre is choosen with the participation of the clients. Ethics in Working Relations, Environmental Sustainability, Family Friendlyness will be the main peculiar traits of Laguna Libre: the cultural Eco Ostaria of Venice. The ingridients of the meals are mostly local and organic, produced in the near island of Sant'Erasmo."


eco-restaurants food+culture+arts


"The project is conceived by SmartVenice, a start up founded in 2014 inspired by the idea of new patterns of urban sustainability. . The initiative has attracted financing and support of the Banca Etica whose local group of shareholders has rated it extremely positively according to its set of social and environmental ethics indicators."


sensitization, strenghtening local communities

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