Merenda Sana



amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Project typology

programma educativo | educative program

Area of action

dieta e salute | diet and health


sociale | social


bambini | children

Reference scale

area metropolitana | metropolitan area


"The Merenda Sana project aims to change the way families and children decide what to eat as a snak during the brake at school. The action is structured around age-specific paths to food education through game activities, proposed by local institutions as a support to the introduction of a diverse type of snack. In deail, the objective is to reduce the consumption of fat and sugar rich, highly processed food and beverages, favouring the introduction of fruit and vegetable, whole cereals and yogurt. Moreover, the teachers receive assistance with specific didactic materials and meetings with the parents are organised, in order to communicate the project and involve them in sustaining the program. The project is part of the ""Gaining Health"" program by the Health Minister adn has the objective to promote healthy lifesyles, preventing chronic metabolic diseases, as well as cardiovascular and neuroplastic ones. The project ran for three years in more than 10 schools of the partner municipalities, with documented results. The participating schools commit to add the program to their regular educational activities."


snack nutrition


The initiative is promoted by Ulss 12 Venice (one of the public health departments) in collaboration with Veneto Region, Venice Province, the School Office, the Municipalities of Venice, Marcon, Quarto D'Altino e Cavallino-Treporti.


The project aims to be permanent and, after the experimentation phase, it is added to the educational program of the participating schools.


active sensitization, health improvement

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