Orange Fiber



imprenditoria privata | private enterprise

Project typology

nuovi prodotti da rifiuti alimentari | new products from food waste

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


economico | economic


industria | industry

Reference scale

distretto produttivo | productive district


"Orange Fiber is the italian enterprise that produces sustainable fabric from the byproducts of the orange production. The result is a silk-like product that can be printed and coloured as traditional fabrics; it can associated to other materials - as cotton or silk - or used as it is. Thus, the hundreds of thousands of byproduct from orange transformation industry are recycled, with a positive impact on food industry budget and the environment. The fabric is currently used in high fashion collections."


orange peel fabric textifood industrial ecology


Orange Fiber s.r.l. relized the project in collaboration with orange juice industry and the fashion firm Ferragamo. Orange Fiber is part of the Fashion Tech Lab - FTL Ventures, the international fund of venture capital founded for developing the synergies between new technologies and sustainable innovations.


waste reduction, disposal costs elimination, textile innovation, sustainable branding

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