amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Project typology

brokeraggio | brokering

Area of action

agricoltura urbana | urban agriculture


economico | economic


attori dell'agricoltura urban | urban farming actors

Reference scale

città | city


"The project ""Parisculteurs"" starts with the signature of an ambitious document: the chart ""objectif 100 hectares"". The participants are 33: entreprises public actors and parisian owners that commit themselves to contribute to 'vegetalise' the buildings in Paris and promote urban agriculture. The first step of the project took place in 2016, with the assignment of 5,5 hectars of private rooftops and courtyards for the starting of both associative and entreprenurial urban agriculture projects. The municipality took on an important brokering action in the definition of the private agreements for the explotation of the areas. On March 2017 other 38 partners (entreprises, supermarkets, municipalities, etc.) become part of the project. On summer 2017 the Parisculteurs network opened a competition for the assignment of other areas on the rooftop of the buildings of a huge railway yard in transformation: the la Chapelle International. Soon, the second edition "


agreements for urban agriculture


The project is promoted by the Mairie de Paris and precisely by the department for Green Spaced, Nature, Biodiversity and Funerary Issues (des Espaces verts, de la Nature, de la Biodiversité et des Affaires funéraires).


The program is ambtitious and innovative; it enlightens the influence that municipalities can apport for promoting urban agriculture.


regeneration of underused spaces, employment, urban resilience

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