Save Food From the Fridge



imprenditoria privata | private enterprise

Project typology

prodotti di design | design products

Area of action

conservazione prodotti alimentari | food preservation


sociale | social


consumatori attivi | active consumers


The project addresses the domestic overuse of refrigerating technologies for food preservation, enlightening also the nutritional changes of food by incorrect preservation. To do this, the design looks at re-introducing and re-evaluating traditional oral knowledge of food, which is closer to nature. Furthermore, it aims to bring back the connection between different levels of living beings, we as human beings and food ingredients as other living beings.


Jihyun Ryou, a Korean designer based in Amsterdam is the conceiver of the project.


Through the objects of everyday life, design can introduce traditional oral knowledge into people’s lives through their experience of using it. Objects make invisible knowledge evident.


change of perspective, improvement of conservation skills, stricter relationship with food

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