SILO, ZeroWaste Restaurant



imprenditoria privata | private enterprise

Project typology

attività innovativa | innovative activity

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


ambientale | environmental


consumatori attivi | active consumers

Reference scale

quartiere | neighborhood


"SILO was conveived from a desire to innovate the food industry whilst demonstrating respect for the environment, for the way our food is generated and for the nourishment given to our bodies. Fermented drinks, flours, vegetable milks and many other transformations take place directly within the restaurant's kitchen, thus eliminating the need for overprocessed food and drastically limiting waste production. The instauration of direct relationship with farmers, using re-usable delivery vassels and choosing local ingridients is another strategy to low down the waste production. Moreover all the food waste collected is transformed into compost, directly at the restaurant, closing the circle and permitting producing more food. The compost digestor is open to all the neighbours (both residential and commercial), to maximize the reduction of waste. The menu is simple because avoiding many options reduce food waste creation and it is changed daily, according to saisonal disponibility of food. Even the forniture of the space and the dishes are realized by up-cycling materials that would have been wasted."


eco-restaurants self-production


The restaurant is opened by a team of young entrepreneurs.


waste reduction, sensitization, strenghtening local communities

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