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"The plan is launched in 2006 for the first time and in 2012 a new version is released, where it is declared that more than the 90% of the actions foreseen in 2006 have been realized but, due to the fact that there are still many ideas to go on, a new version of the strategy is needed. Both the documents are sinthetic and they develop from the exposition of a vision for ""A healty, sustainable and fair food system for B&H"". From the vision, the attended results follow, and then the actions. The key principles that stands behind the plan's elaboration are: environmental sustainability, social equity, economic vibrancy, health, integrated approach and fair trade. The actions are concrete because a responsible actor is defined. Regrettabiy, a detailed evaluation of the plan's result is missing. In 2015, the Sustainable Food City Network, for the annual prizegiving of the English cities that take part of the network, assigns the silver medal to Brighton & Hove."


The plan is developed by the Brighton & Hove Partnership, an indipendent no-profit organization similar to the Food Policy Council that cooperates with associations, institutions, local enterprises and citizens. The financial support of the Brighton & Hove City Teaching Primary Care Trust and the political support of the municipality permits the success of the initiative.


We underline that the writing of the strategies is entrusted to the Food Matters Organisation, a non-profit body specialised in food policy and advocacy that assumes relevant professional role in this context.

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