Spiazzi Verdi



cittadinanza attiva | active citizenship

Project typology

sensibilizzazione attiva | active sensitization

Area of action

agricoltura urbana | urban agriculture


sociale | social


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

città | city


Spiazzi Verdi was born to give expression to environmental issues whitin the cultural association "Spiazzi", a no profit organization vocated to citizens' participation in Venice. The collective garden of the Zitelle nursing homeis the first project of the association, but many other different activities have been developed parallely. From the realisation of training courses on permaculture and organic farming, to the experimentation of autoproduction, to the recovering of forgotten crops and ancient varieties, to the construction of a network of people interested in finding a contact with the living and producting soil in Venice. To do that, collaborations with institutional and privat bodies have been activated (schools, municipalities, prisons, purchase groups, associations, etc.) and, throgugh the cultivation of land, it has been reached the re-qualification of green spaces and the recovey of biodiversity and local traditions. The 27 January 2017 it has been approved the memorandum of Spiazziverdi as a cultural association for social promotion. Between the activities of the association, it is recalled the mapping of urban agriculture sites, collective gardens, abandoned spots and public parks in the Venice lagoon.


urban agriculture association


The association has been created and is sustained by active citizensand local stakeholders.


strenghtening local communities, sensitization, green spaces regeneration

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