The Ferme de Paris



amministrazione pubblica | public administration

Project typology

fattoria didattica | didactic farm

Area of action

agricoltura urbana | urban agriculture


sociale | social


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

città | city


"Located in the wood de Vincennes, the Ferme de Paris is a farm of 5 hectars, managed in the respect of the environment. It is meant as a resourcefull place for urban agriculture in Paris and is vocated to sensitize and mobilize citizens and local actors around production and food systems. During the week, workshops and conferences, trainings, debates and expositions are organised and open to everyone. In the weekends, visitors can assist to the farm works. The site permits to discover at a small scale the traditional crops and breeding from Ile-de-France region. It is also a place for experimenting on permaculture and ecological breeding, as well as on urban agriculture. Pasture, crops, gardens and orchards alternate themselves in the farm, where biodiversity is priviliged for both educative and conservation means. From 2015, animals and plants are regularly transported around the city's squares, where they settle for few weeks, thanks to the project ""La Ferme Mobile"", that wants to get citizens used to a farm scenario in urban cotnexts."


urban farm mobile farm


The farm is realised and managed by the City of Paris.


The Ferme de Paris is a municipal farm !


sensitization, training, improvement of urban environment

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