The Pig Idea



associazionismo | association

Project typology

campagna di sensibilizzazione | sensitization campaign

Area of action

scarti e rifiuti alimentari | food waste


ambientale | environmental


pubblico | general public

Reference scale

europea | european


"For thousands of years pigs have been an ideal partner to consume human food waste and convert it into calories. The Pig Idea is a Sensitization Campaign. At the heart of The Pig Idea are three major objectives: 1. Restore public confidence in the safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly practice of feeding surplus food to pigs. 2. Encourage more use of already legally permissible food waste as pig feed – for example, bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables that are unfit for human consumption. 3. Change European law to allow food waste including catering waste to be diverted for use as pig and chicken feed; and to introduce a robust legal framework for its safe processing and use to prevent the outbreak of animal diseases. In achieving these objectives the following long-term goals will become a reality: - Liberate food supplies to help feed people - Lower feed costs for pig farmers - Reduce economic and environmental costs of disposing of food waste - Protect landscapes rich in biodiversity, such as the precious Amazon rainforest - Create jobs and revenue in the new eco-feed industry"


foodwaste as feed


The campaign is realized by Feedback organization, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. Many are the sponsors and the ambassadors of the campaign.


The campaign is constructed on a simple but strong message.


sensitisation against food waste

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