Who Feeds Bristol?



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"The ‘Who Feeds Bristol’ report looks at six key components of the food system: production; processing; distribution; retail; catering and waste. It investigates the provision of basic staple food items; land use for current and potential food production; and the current food supply capacity from the surrounding region in relation to the food needs of Bristol and the city region. It also investigates which businesses are involved in preparing, distributing, selling, recycling or disposing of food across the city region and within the city itself. Information has been gathered from existing reports, databases, websites, surveys and business interviews. This study is concerned with the long term resilience of the food supply system for Bristol, rather than with short-term emergencies. It is a ‘rapid appraisal’; it is based on available information and includes a number of specially designed ‘snapshot’ surveys and interviews. An important finding is that there is a lack of comprehensive information and data in the public domain. The report has not considered issues of food quality; it is a baseline study which has aimed to collate available facts and figures upon which further work can be based."


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The study is carried out by a collaboration between the Bristol City Council and the National Health Service.

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