2nd Steering Committee Meeting 10/11 May - SPLIT

Planning Climate Change team is right now in Split for the 2nd Steering meeting for the CO-EVOLVE project.    

CO-EVOLVE aims to analyse and promote the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems in touristic coastal areas in the Mediterranean, allowing for the sustainable development of touristic activities, based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Maritime Spatial Planning. CO-EVOLVE recognises that a key challenge for sustainable coastal and maritime tourism development is the strengthening of cooperation among regions and the joint development and transferring of approaches, tools, guidelines and best practices. It brings together an analysis at the Mediterranean scale of threats and enabling factors for sustainable tourism with local studies on seven representative Pilot Areas. The aim is to demonstrate through pilot actions the feasibility and effectiveness of an ICZM/MSP-based planning process. CO-EVOLVE is divided into two phases: (i) studying, which consists in analysing and defining the state of the art at Mediterranean and pilot area scale and (ii) testing, during which instruments, policies, strategies and joint plans already identified will be tested in order to set up solutions applicable to a wider set of users and territories.