Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (EMMCMSP) is a two-years advanced professional master program, in which three high-rated European universities participate: Università Iuav di Venezia (coordinator), University of Seville and University of Azores.

Main goal of the Master is to familiarize students with key issues involved in policies formulation and planning strategies for maritime space, improving the management of resources from an environmental, economic, social and legal perspective within the framework of Maritime policies.
The aim of the EMMCMSP is to prepare students to become specialists – providing a multi-disciplinary background – to enable them to operate both in public institutions as well as independent professionals or researchers. As specialists they will have the know-how in planning, in designing and evaluating projects and policies, which consider terrestrial, coastal and marine dimensions. In addition, the course provides the ability to manage decision processes towards an adaptive and integrated approach. The two-years master course provides a broad study perspective through a crossed-thematical analysis and discussion on several marine contexts (Mediterranean Sea, Baltic and North Sea, Black Sea, Atlantic Ocean). The added value consists in the comparative analysis and the methodological interaction among the institutions involved, together with knowledge transfer to the South of the World.


Level: First
Campus: Sevilla, Azores, Venice
Prerequisite: Bachelor of Art or Science
Credits: 120 ETCS
Duration: Biannual
Joint Title: Yes
Language: English
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