Ricercatore Junior

Giovanni Litt


Curriculum vitae

Junior architect (DACC-IUAV) with a focus on landscape, heritage and conservation; Urban and  Environmental Planner (DPAC-IUAV). Over the years he has developed a multi-level, metabolic and multidisciplinary planning approach, capable of reconciling adaptive actions and strategies to Climate Change in a formal, informal, spatial way with Territorial Governance and participatory policies thanks to policies bottom-up, especially in local contexts. Specialized in urban resilience (100RC, Planning Climate Change IUAV) linked to Climate Change and social and economic crises in support of Public Administrations, analyzing and assessing shocks and stresses, finding methods and practices of urban and environmental innovation (NBS, NWRM, etc. .) towards spatial and community adaptation. Skills in defining, addressing and modifying public administrations' programmatic and strategic tools (Metropolitan Strategic Plan, PAT and PI, Building Regulaments, PAES, PUMS, DUP, PICIL, Water Plans, etc.) (Municipality of Spinea) to affect these and increase their resilience and sustainable development (also with SDG's). Creation of differentiated contexts and moments for cultural promotion in terms of ecology, rights, hospitality, peace, legality.