PhD student

Maurizio Pioletti

Curriculum vitae

Maurizio Pioletti, Architect. PhD student in Urban and regional development at Politecnico of Turin, expert on sustainable urban development and metropolitan governance.  He graduated with a degree in Sustainable architecture (IUAV, 2009), and two post master courses: Local action and sustainable urban development (IUAV, 2010), and Protection and management of soil and water in basin planning (IUAV, 2011). His internship was at the Agenda21 in the Municipality of Padova (2009), and he was part of the project team of the PadovaFIT, a Financial Investment Tool for energy building retrofitting (MLEI PDA PadovaFIT IEE 2012). He was research fellow on urban metabolism (Unive, 2014/15), and on metropolitan governance and government (Unive, 2015/16).