Humedal Abras de Mantequilla _ Ecuador

20150513_115927 (2)The Humedal Abras de Mantequillais a project about a sustainable economic development in Ecuador, which seeks itsbasis in the framework of a new structure of territorial planning of the country. The area called Abras de Mantequilla is composed of severalcantons” (municipalities) and it is a wetland RAMSAR area, characterized by seasonal ponds and the presence of rare species of flora and fauna. In this context, in order to protect this habitat and develop a new model of territorial organization was born that finds application in a new institution, the Mancomunidad Abras de Mantequilla“.

In this framework the project promoted by the Veneto Region, UNDP (UNHabitat) and IUAV wants to support local communities towards sustainable economic development of the area in accordance with the new planning law. In particular, the project has achieved the following specific objectives:
1. to support the training plan of the technicians and local stakeholders in line with the National Development Plan (the Buen VivirPlan)
2. to support the implementation of the new local authority planning system Mantequilla Mancomunidad Abrasde“.

Coordination: Francesco Musco
Working group: Elena Gissi, Giulia Lucertini, Davide Ferro, Francesco Ruzzante, Filippo Magni
Client: Veneto Region, UNDP Art Program
Duration: December 2011 – December 2015
Budget: € 70,000

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